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No other way to describe what it is like to have our solar system on our fifth wheel. We got in contact with Mobile Solar Guys in spring of 2017, Rick was very informative and thorough in explaining the system, how it works, what size was suggested for what was planned on being used. He also allowed time to digest the information provided and make a decision with no pressure. We are so glad we followed through and had the system installed. 

My wife and I are not campground campers, we like to go to the end of the road and then a little farther. We do this to be in peace and quiet. But we still like to use the conveniences we have in our trailer. Always had to fire up the generator to recharge the batteries and there goes the peace and quiet. Not anymore, the sun doesn't make any noise when it charges up the batteries. We can go for a week and never start the generator. We watch movies at night,run the heater etc. 

Rick did an absolutely professional job of installing and then was very thorough in making sure I understood how to use and monitor the system. If I did have a question later he was always happy to answer and assist. Great system customized to our needs,  great company. 


Loveland, CO

Hi Rick,

Just a quick note to let you know that the more I learn about my solar set-up, the more I appreciate it. It was cloudy, rainy and chilly here the last few days in Quartzite AZ. but somehow the panels were able to keep my batteries topped off. Frankly, I was surprised to see them at 12.7 volts this morning before sunrise.

I haven't used the inverter much but, will probably use it more as time  and daylight hours go on. 

Thank you for steering me in the right direction! You are the best!  If you ever need a reference, you can count on me. Now all I need is to figure out how to give you a five star rating...


With warm regards,


The solar worked great this weekend!  The batteries depleted to about 60% overnight and were back to 100% by noon. Can't wait to see how it does while the RV is in storage.....Thanks very much for the care that you showed my install. I'm glad our paths crossed.

S.Garrett. Windsor,CO.

Rick designed and installed our 700 watt solar charging system.  He asked both my wife and I what our solar expectations were. Our 2013 Itasca Motor Coach was purchased new and in 2016 I began researching RV solar systems to minimize generator run time when boon- docking. Our coach has 3 AC units,with heat pumps, 2 propane furnaces, electric fireplace, residential refrigerator with ice maker, 6 house batteries and 2 chassis batteries, 10 gallon DSI water heater and MS 2812 magnum inverter / charger.  My wife's expectations were as follows: 

Making brunch without the generator which requires the use of a blender, coffee maker, induction cook-top and microwave.  We operate at least one fan at night and read or watch T.V. until midnight or later. 

My goals were :  Minimize generator run time, retain roof walking space in order to be able to fully service the A.C. units, Ease of solar component maintenance and an easy to monitor solar system.

The system out performed our expectations on long hot sunny summer days resulting in Rick having to make a service call to our location at the time which was a 5 hour drive one way.  That's Service!

Does our system work?

We attended the 2018 Albuquerque Balloon Festival and boon-docked there for 12 days and 11 nights. The total generator run time was only 43 hours and that included allowing a neighbor to barrow power, plugging into our coach until he got has generator operating. 

We also operated the coach on 20 amps of shore power service in California and our solar charging system did a great job of providing daytime battery charging for night time use. Even when plugged into 50 amp shore power service the solar charging system continues to keep the batteries fully charged allowing the inverter/ charger to take a nap!

A big THANK-YOU to Rick @

Ken & Wendy 

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