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Who is Mobile Solar?

     (970) 405-2756

No one enjoys doing it right more than the crew at MobileSolar. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right says Rick,

​From the initial customer intro to the finished install, we appreciate and enjoy it all. 

The connection that's made with our customers is what makes it all worthwhile. We always look forward to sharing our passion for the sun, enthusiasm for the business and the solar products we provide.

we look forward to the many comments about how well a system worked while "OFF THE GRID" in silence. It always makes my day!

All of this began when I researched and installed a high quality system on our personal RV. I've been around RVs all my life.  I selected the best of the best components and completed the install When I discovered how well our solar charging worked, I was hooked! I now enjoy the great outdoors without the noise, odor or maintenance of a generator operating in or around the camp.

Our camp neighbors appreciate  the silence as well. Sure there is still a need for a generator from time to time however, with 300+ sunny days in the average Colorado year, it's a very rare occurrence.


Through personal experience, I realized that figuring out what's involved was a huge challenge to say the least!  and each RV is inherently different. MobileSolar has simplified this process for our clients creating a custom high quality system that is reliable and uncomplicated!  Our installs are custom to the RV and our customers needs.


When it comes to the great outdoors, our passion for going green is paramount!  We also have come to realize that our customers know what they want and we deliver as they always come first!  We make every effort to deliver spectacular service and more!

I look forward to building relationships with other "Boon dockers "and seeing you!  "Off the Grid"

​Feel free to email me at       (970) 405-2756

Safe travels & God Bless!               

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